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Specializing in HOA, Commercial, Apartment Reconstruction and Restoration projects.

Construction Defect Specialists

RECON Construction Company, Inc. and JLW Expert Consulting, LLC (JLW) work closely together and are Construction Defect Specialists. We specialize in Expert Witness Testimony, Litigation Estimating, and Intrusive Testing leading up to the final trial or settlement of a Construction Defect case. Once the case has reached a resolution, RECON’s experience in Preconstruction Services and the final Construction Defect Restoration proves that we understand the whole process and have the many years of experience to provide our clients with the utmost integrity to finalize your repairs for your HOA or personal home.

Expert Witness Testimony 
JLW has worked with the top local Construction Defect Firms and Attorneys in the State of Colorado, Wyoming and Minnesota.  Jon Wagener, President of RECON and JLW have provided Deposition and Expert Witness Testimony in more than 120 cases since 1995. Jon has proven through his past testimony that he can be trusted for his expertise in how a building should be constructed, down to the fine details and knows what to look for in construction defect.

Litigation Estimating
A critical part of the Construction Defect process is the Litigation Estimating. RECON and JLW have many years of experience in providing a Litigation Estimate for Construction Defect cases to the top Construction Defect Firms and Attorneys in Colorado. We will provide a reasonable and fair pricing for Construction Defect Restoration repairs for all cases. It is important to maintain trust and integrity when testifying on multimillion-dollar cases in the judicial system.  Jon Wagener’s many years of experience in this area speaks for itself.

Intrusive Testing
RECON has a team of professionals to provide Intrusive Testing. Through Jon Wagener’s years of experience testifying in cases, he has led his team to know how critical Intrusive Testing can be to a Construction Defect case. RECON provides the Intrusive Testing and will put back the property to the original state or better. This is our opportunity to prove our high quality of workmanship to our clients.

Preconstruction and Construction Defect Restoration
RECON specializes in Preconstruction Services and Construction Defect Restoration repairs. Our team has a wealth of experience totaling more than 75 combined years on many multimillion-dollar projects. The key to being price conscious and good stewards of our client’s funds is Preconstruction Services. This critical part of the Construction Defect Restoration will set the stage for the duration of the project. Preconstruction Services will allow the selected engineer and RECON to collaborate on designs, value enhancements (engineering) which is an organized approach to provide the necessary repairs at the lowest cost possible, developing a plan and scope for the Construction Defect Restoration repairs. This will also provide clarification, and reduce disruptions in the project, avoiding higher costs. In any project, there are always unforeseen conditions which have to be addressed once they are found. However, with a collaborative Preconstruction Design Phase, the project will run much more efficiently with predetermined unit costs established.

Once the Preconstruction Phase is complete, the Construction Defect Restoration repairs begin. We realize what a long process our clients have been through to get to this stage. Our track record shows that we are equipped to handle multimillion-dollar projects, with the utmost integrity, finishing on time and staying within budget. Our goal is to prove to our customers that they can trust us with their property and we will do it with the high level  of quality workmanship they expect.