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About Recon

RECON Construction Company, Inc.

RECON Construction Company, Inc. is a full service general contractor specializing in HOA, Commercial, Apartment Reconstruction and Restoration projects. RECON is a locally and privately owned Colorado corporation. We are a growing firm with a wealth of experience located in Lakewood, Colorado. Jon Wagener, President of RECON, has more than 37 years experience and has managed over $250 million in projects. His knowledge, expertise, and leadership separate us from other construction companies. He can take a complex project and find solutions, looking for the most economical approach for our customers. Most importantly, our foundation is built on integrity. Jon’s leadership in this area is unsurpassed in the industry.


Jon L. Wagener, President
Jon has more than 37 years of experience.  His construction career includes all phases of residential and commercial construction. Jon has been involved in construction management of several project types, in the field, as well as the corporate side and has managed in excess of $250 million dollar. Jon is responsible for the organization, team building, developing and exceeding client and project goals. He oversees the organization and day-to-day activities, financials, construction projects, safety, quality control, subcontractor and owner relationships. Jon earned his B.S. in Construction and Business from the University of Wisconsin, Platteville.

Steve Johnson, Project Superintendent
Steve has more than 25 years of experience in construction restoration, structural, civil, carpentry, painting, scheduling, purchasing, site safety/OSHA Compliance, subcontractor and crew supervision, quality control, and great customer communication with our clients. Steve has successfully managed small to large multimillion-dollar construction, infrastructure, and restoration projects.

Zelda Martens, Client Services
During her 20-year marketing and client services career, Zelda has been involved in managing multi-family projects over the past eight years in the construction industry. Zelda is responsible for managing client relations, all aspects of marketing, and new business development. She works closely with Jon and the leadership of RECON, and serves as the liaison to the community managers, board of directors, and homeowners on large projects to manage expectations and ensure effective communication. At the end of the day, she wants to know that we delivered a quality job, at a fair price, with the utmost integrity.


“The Overlook HOA worked with RECON on a construction defect project renovating and securing exterior decks on two of our buildings.  The project included inspection and reinforcement of the deck’s connections to the buildings, which required coordination with owners to complete interior dry wall and painting.  RECON had crews both outside and inside our buildings, satisfactorily completing that project, along with identifying and fixing hidden water damage behind the stucco.  We found Jon Wagner’s expertise  and consultative approach to managing the project beneficial.  Both Jon and Zelda were readily available and easy to communicate with throughout the project. We are happy with RECON’s work and would use them again for future projects.”

– William Wittreich, Overlook HOA President

“Here’s high praise for the top notch professional work that RECON has done on several of the ACCU properties.  It’s rare to find someone with the knowledge and expertise that Jon Wagener brings to the table. At The Overlook, Jon helped the board come up with an elegant and less expensive solution to balconies that were in danger of falling off the building.  He was able to meet all the city code requirements, interface with the residents without complaint, and complete the job within budget.

At Lincoln Square Lofts, RECON was brought in to clean up after another restoration company left the association with 4 very substandard restoration jobs.  When completed the residents said that they would only let RECON in their units since the work was flawless.”

– Tom Westing, ACCU, Vice President of Management Services

“Over the last two years, our Homeowners Association contracted RECON for two projects for our condominium complex.  RECON delivered great work on time and on budget.  The work involved a variety of different components and areas of expertise – from drainage, weatherproofing, insulation, and drywall to electrical and plumbing.  RECON was able to organize and coordinate all aspects of the projects.
Jon is easy to work with. He worked with us in defining the scope of work and estimated costs.  As an HOA, we don’t always have the in-house expertise to determine all the components and factors involved in a project. RECON was able to help us navigate it.  They were great at assessing and explaining the project while being sensitive to keeping costs down for our Association.
We will be considering RECON again when we need another project done on time and on budget.”

– Nancy Fritch, HOA President

“Mr. Wagener of RECON has over thirty years of experience in property restoration.  No one in the industry has a better understanding of the complexities and challenges of restoring distressed buildings than Mr. Wagener.”

– Repeat Client

“Over the past year, I have greatly appreciated the work that RECON has done for one of the communities I manage.  The homeowners had reason to be concerned about the quality of restoration work in their units, especially after having been through several serious water intrusions with some less than stellar repair jobs by other companies, previously.  RECON took extra steps to assure homeowners, provide needed communication to keep them in the loop, did quality work and an excellent job cleaning up after the job was completed.  RECON’s restoration work was of such a quality that not a single homeowner complained, which was a first for these homeowners that have been through so much, already.  As a Property Manager, my experience of using RECON has been one that put my mind at ease because of RECON’s understanding of how HOA’s work.  The billing, the clearly laid out written updates for the HOA Board, the regular communication so I always knew what was going on, and the personable exchanges that makes a tough job much more pleasant were all parts that made up the whole of why I appreciate working with RECON.”

– Suzanne Sandifer, ACCU, Property Manager of Community Associations

“I have had the opportunity to work with Zelda, Jon and Carl on several projects, and they are all very professional from the beginning stages of the proposal process through all phases of the project until completion. We have worked with RECON on small handrail paint projects to major decking and stairwell RECONstruction projects and they treat each one with the utmost priority. They are always accessible, understanding and eager to help throughout the entire project. I recommend RECON for all your construction needs.”

– Mark Brooks, A&M Properties, CMCA, AMS, CAM,

“As a Property Manager, I work diligently to find a fast, responsive, reliable, hardworking, committed, communicative and professional company and I HAVE found that in RECON and their team.  RECON, did quality work and an amazing job during and after cleaning up the project and keeping me up to date with the project.   I have appreciated working with RECON and HIGHLY recommend.”

– Jacki Rivera, Haven Property Managers & Advisors, Community Manager

“I came in mid-way through a large project that included a construction defect repair for decks on a property. Coming in as the Property Manager mid-way through is a struggle in any situation however Zelda and Jon were both very communicative and helpful as I was brought up to speed and after. They worked well with myself as well as all homeowners and even the renters. They were professional and the knowledge they have as well as that of their crew gave us the confidence to know we were in the right hands! I would use them again on that property or any others that I manage!”

– Jenna Woodman, ACCU, Property Manager of Community Associations