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Metro Lofts

Phase I – Stair tower # 2 replacement included scaffolding, all necessary safety barricades/protection, remove and replace 9 concrete landings, steel decking, steel edge, galvanized steel posts, all stair tread pans, install new stair treads, seal, prime and paint.  Painting project included 3rd & 4th floor balcony decks/railings (prep, wire wheel rust, spot prime and paint.)  Removed and replaced (welded) problem areas where needed.  All projects have required extensive communication with homeowners/tenants.  Phase II – Stair tower #3 replacement in 2016/2017, Phase III – Stair tower #1 in 2018, Phase IV – Stair towers 4 & 5, East Walkway Steel repairs and Seal Coating, and Phase V – Unit Bridges in 2021.  The board trusts RECON Construction and the quality work we have provided over the years.  Project value to date approx. $1.4 MM.