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Reconstruction & Restoration
SCOPE: This project involved repairs to building envelope and structural components of this multi-family community. In all, 44 buildings were repaired over a two and half year period. This project also included extensive civil work, regrading at the majority of all buildings, drain pans, and drain channels. Building envelope repairs included flashing, stone, and siding repairs around windows. After completion of the structural repairs, interior cosmetic repairs were performed on 326 units. There were 200 tons of structural steel added, the excavation of over 10,000 cubic yards of soil, and 3,000 cubic yards of concrete. ~ Project Duration 2006-2008
Littleton Hospital 3
SCOPE: North tower sealants, weep holes and glass repairs. Project included extensive background and health requirements for all employees prior to the beginning of this project. Major safety requirements were taken, as the emergency entrance is located in the North Tower and patients need access during the project. ~ 2015 Project
Williams Street Condos Exterior 1
SCOPE: This projected included converting 61 bathrooms within the two occupied buildings with a mandatory turn time of one day per bathroom. Completed some stairwell structural repairs, and converted and renovated two common areas into studio apartments. ~ 2013 Project