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Reconstruction & Restoration
SCOPE: North tower sealants, weep holes and window/glass replacement and repairs.  Project included extensive background and health requirements for all employees prior to the beginning of this project.  Major safety requirements were taken, as the emergency entrance is located in the North Tower and patients need access during the project.  RECON completed Phase II of the North Tower to complete the work on this part of the hospital.  Phase I, Three Months – Fall 2015 // Phase II, Two Months – Summer 2016
SCOPE: This Pedestrian Egress Bridge Project consisted of complete removal and construction of a new steel bridge.  The project included demo, work on the existing foundation wall, new concrete, steel installation, fiberglass grating for walkway, and painting.  This project included extensive communication with the homeowners, as we had to close the garage during the day in order to work on the bridge.  Homeowners had to remove their vehicles by 7:30 am every morning.  Safety was paramount for our workers, to avoid being hit by a vehicle coming out of the garage. ~ 2016
SCOPE: RECON Construction was hired to make maintenance repairs to two sets of stairways treads, by removing and replacing the stair treads. Boulder county required that we provide engineering designs and bring the stairways up to code. Please be aware, every city is different. Simple maintenance repairs can turn into a major project depending on the city. Fortunately, we worked with a very understanding board and management company, realizing this was completely out of our control. In the end, they were very pleased with their new stairways. ~2017
SCOPE: JLW Expert Consulting (sister company) and RECON Construction worked with the defense team to bring conclusion to the Construction Defect litigation with reasonable repair costs in a performance based settlement.  The repairs include a complete replacement of the building envelope – stucco exterior, flashing, sealants, complete roof replacement, new concrete sidewalks and patio, and other miscellaneous repairs. ~ 2016
SCOPE: Repaired steel decks for 21 units, including shoring existing decks, installing new steel support I-beams, brackets, and blocking. Project included demolition and installation of one new deck which was closed down due to safety issues. Interior repairs required extensive coordination with existing owners and tenants, with minimal disruption. ~ 2015 Project