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Reconstruction & Restoration
Condos at the Boulders
SCOPE: Extensive concrete, civil grading and downspout repairs throughout the community. Excavate, remove and replace concrete, saw cut concrete and replaced in areas where feasible, civil work included removing landscaping, rework irrigation, excavate, regrade and install new landscaping. ~ 2015 Project
Pinehurst Village 1
SCOPE: Concrete repairs on 26 units throughout the community. Removed and replaced concrete in driveway areas as directed. ~ 2015 Project
Vistoso 1
SCOPE: The property manager had difficulty finding a construction company that had the expertise for this project. He valued RECON’s experience from another job and trusted us for this project. The scope included removing an existing sheer wall to open up and renovate the interior space to make room for a new community center room. Engineered and designed structural steel sheer wall assembly, where beams weighed as much as 1,000 lbs., and required moving by hand. RECON successfully completed this complex project, and the property manager, board, and developer were extremely pleased with the quality work. ~ 2015 Project
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SCOPE: Removed and replaced 10 cedar decks and 4 sets of entry stairs to units. Extensive communication and coordination with the homeowners on the decks, RECON needed access to the bolt assembly on the interior of the units for complete replacement. Also had to relocate homeowners for the 4 sets of entry stairs, completed the stairs in 3 days to expedite the project. ~ Project duration 2015-2016
Fairways Interior 2 Image
SCOPE: Renovations and repairs to the interior and exterior apartment complex. Interior renovations to each apartment included upgrading carpet, paint, appliances, flooring and lighting. Exterior renovations and civil work included, common area upgrades (includes BBQ/Picnic area, Fire Pit), upgraded landscaping, added covered parking, pool upgrades (includes enlarged pool deck, new concrete coat decking), dog park amenities, court yard upgrades, clubhouse and fitness upgrades. There was a complex schedule with tight turn times and minimal disruptions to existing tenants. ~ Project duration 2014-2015