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Reconstruction & Restoration
SCOPE: Phase I – Stairway tower # 2 replacement, which included scaffolding, all necessary safety barricades and protection, remove and replace 9 concrete landings, steel decking, steel edge, galvanized steel posts, remove existing tread pans, install new stair treads, seal, prime and paint.  Painting project included 3rd and 4th floor balcony decks and railings (prep, wire wheel rust, spot prime and paint.)  Removed and replaced (welded) problem railing areas where needed.  The painting project required extensive communication with homeowners, as we entered the 4th floor balconies from the interior to save on costs.  RECON started Phase II – Stairway tower #3 replacement in October 2016 and completed this project in January 2017.  RECON is beginning Phase III in July, 2018, the board trusts RECON Construction and the quality work we have provided in the past.
SCOPE: Phase I – included replacement of 15 decks (including structural helical piers), and 4 stairway towers at Dakota Station II.  This project required major communication between the engineer and Jefferson County for designs, inspections and sign off.  This project also called for extensive homeowner communication. Some homeowners and tenants stayed in hotels for a few nights, waiting for complete demo and replacement of their stairway towers.  This was the safest and most economical solution vs. building a temporary staircase.  Phase II – included 5 stairway towers and 6 decks, with similar homeowner communication and coordination for hotel stays.  Phase I – Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 and Phase II – May 2017 – August 2017
SCOPE: This property was in dire need of deck replacements and repairs.  The project included complete replacement of ten decks, and repairs to 39 decks (some minor and some major repairs), along with staining.  This project required extensive coordination and communication between our crew and the homeowners.  The biggest challenge on this project was finding rotted out rim joists and wood in critical areas, that required additional engineering and repairs.  ~ 2017 Project
SCOPE: RECON Construction completed 4th floor balcony flashing repairs and weep hole inspections. RECON is continuing to work on other repairs and testing window leaks on this property. ~ 2018
SCOPE: Extensive concrete, civil grading and downspout repairs throughout the community. Excavate, remove and replace concrete, saw cut concrete and replaced in areas where feasible, civil work included removing landscaping, rework irrigation, excavate, regrade and install new landscaping.  Phase I – Fall 2015, Phase II – Fall 2017, Phase III – Summer 2018.